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Register Visitor Details

• Employee would beforehand put a request for a visitor/visitors using the system. He or She would provide the details like name of the visitor, number of people accompanying
him/her, purpose of the visit etc.
• Once the request is logged in the system the Chief Security Officer (CSO) or an assigned department would then approve the visit in the CSO dashboard.
• The CSO will either approve or deny the visit request.


Send Verification code to Visitor

• If approved, a unique Visitor ID is generated and sent to the requester and the visitor via text and email.


Visitor gets verified

• Upon visitor(s) arrival, the visitor provides the visitor ID to the security officer or front desk personnel.


Visitor is approved & ushered in

• After going through security and the check-in process, the employee receives notification
that the guest(s) have arrived.
• The receptionists put the meeting in progress after assigning visitors their access pass.
• When visit ends, there exit process begins with the visitor signing out at the front desk tablet,
drops access pass. This exits the visitor(s) from the office building but not the premises for
companies in a gated property.
• Now that the visitors are out of the building, next is to check out at with security with the
same visitor ID.
• Visitor ID is disabled at this point and process is complete.


Express Pre Check-in

Reduce wait time, check-in your visitors faster than ever!
  • Check-in within seconds
  • Instant alert and notifications to host / admin
  • Go paperless with single click sign-in
  • Notifications to hosts on Email and SMS

Real-time analytics and reporting

Cloud based system to give centralized access to all visitors data within one dashboard
  • Get a complete view of visit patterns to your facilities
  • Correlate your visitor data with business activities
  • Compare visits at different branch/offices
  • Make data-backed informed decisions to improve infrastructure of your facility

Security & Legal Compliance

Achieve a cost-effective, secure, and compliant visitor management process
  • Customized NDA agreement
  • Supported on Web and Android
  • Covers your physical security policy and audit
  • Visitor’s photo and other check-in details always available
  • Notifications for each visitor check-in

Instant alerts and notifications to hosts

Instant alerts and notifications to admin / host as and when visitors check-in and check-out
  • Integrates in real time with your existing systems
  • Stay updated on who walks-in and walks-out of your premises

Go paperless with single click sign in

Go paperless by checking-in your visitors digitally
  • Express pre-checkin lets you save time by checking-in your visitor within seconds
  • Effortlessly manage the system, anytime, and from anywhere, with a single click sign-in

Know your visitors

Know who is in your facility, their purpose of their visit, time spent within your facility, and much more
  • Get access to the comprehensive dashboard that compiles reports on your visitor behavior
  • Get analytical insights into your visitors’s visit patterns

Mobile number verification

Enable stronger security by verifying mobile number as a mandatory step for any visitor
  • Verify their phone number via secured OTP
  • Store visitors’ information in a secure cloud environment

White label solution

Customize the aesthetically appealing application as per your company branding
  • Let users stay connected with their brand
  • Gain complete control over the look and feel of the system, information to be stored, authorization to be granted

Centralized view of different locations

Get a real-time, single, map-based view of different office locations along with the supporting visitor data
  • Control and manage eVisit at multiple locations through a single powerful, cloud based web dashboard
  • Create separate admin / host accounts with different access rights through centralized web dashboard

Integration with existing systems

Log visitor details, duration of visit, purpose of visit within existing security systems
  • One click integration with major HR management systems
  • Integrate with google contacts and calendar
  • Seamless integration for employee contacts



Improve your front desk’s operational efficiency

eVisit allows your front desk function to go paperless, reduces wait time for visitors by checking them in within minutes.


Detailed dashboard

The application allows the host to understand the visit patterns on their premises through a detailed dashboard.


Easy to use

eVisit allows host / admin to send calendar invite to your visitor. Host can send reminder few hours before the meeting with a map and directions in email. Visitor’s details automatically shows up in the application!


Security, legal, and compliance

eVisit can present NDA and other legal documents as a key requirement for a visitor to access your facility.